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The Solitary Sparrow hit the world on February 27, 2024. Within a week of its debut, it had shot to #38 on Amazon's list of European historical fiction.

It's been a crazy couple of weeks, so I wanted to let you know what has happened.

First, I decided to have a celebration for friends and family who have been have been asking me for years and years when my book would be ready. The answer is NOW! I hosted a tea party at a local venue, a charming tea house called A Southern Cup of Tea. We had a wonderful time eating goodies and drinking tea with our pinkies up. I did a reading of a short chapter which was excellent experience for future events.

As you can see, the tea shop decor is charming and the food delicious! Owner, Kym, in the middle, kept us all supplied with scones, hot tea, and lemon curd tarts. On the far right, I'm reading to the group. It was wonderful to read while my work mates, writer friends, and family listened.

I wish y'all had been able to come. Perhaps in the future?

Secondly, the audiobook is nearing completion. I am absolutely gobsmacked, as the English say, by the riveting narration performed by the incomparable Tracy Russell. She does all kinds of dialects and the scene where Meg is interrogated by the doctors of physic and the Bishop is stunning. I've included a small segment from Chapter Two so you can hear Tracy's incredible voice.

The Solitary Sparrow Chapter 2 5 min

The cover is really beautiful. Everyone gasps when they see it, which is a good sign. I wanted a cover which was different (just as my main character is different) and I think that was a success.

The Solitary Sparrow, Book One of THE MARGARET CHRONICLES, is a series set in the 14th century featuring Meg of St. Michael's Mead. I've been doing a ton of marketing and promotion in the last few weeks and haven't been writing. That ends tomorrow when I jump back into the sequel.

The paperback and e-book are available now.

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