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She struggles against her enemies.
But still they stand in her way.

A Series of Historical Fiction

BOOK ONE: The Solitary Sparrow

The Solitary Sparrow tells the story of Meg of St. Michael's Mead, a young woman overcoming hatred and prejudice. After a horrible event takes the life of a young woman and her baby, Meg vows to care for women by learning the art of phisik. When she breaks English law and is accused of treason, her life hangs in the balance.

BOOK TWO: A Pelican in the Wilderness
(To be Published in 2024)

A Pelican in the Wilderness continues the story of Meg of St. Michael's Mead. Living in Montpellier, France she struggles toward her goal only to have her dreams destroyed by jealous enemies.  Caught up in the war against France, Meg finds a friend -- a woman of high birth and the key to Meg's everlasting endurance.


BOOK THREE: An Owl in the Wasteland
(To be Published in 2025)

An Owl in the Wasteland finds Meg experiencing war, grief, and abduction, all the while searching for the man she has loved for 20 years. As the world crashes around her, she leaves a remarkable message for women of all ages and all times.


BOOK FOUR: The Maid of St. Michael's Mead
(To be Published in 2026)

Elspeth Ann Spencer, a 20th century researcher, finds a remarkable manuscript hidden in the British Museum that appears to have been written by an illiterate healer who became physician to the Queen of England. If validated, the manuscript will change women's history . . . unless a curse destroys everything and everyone Elspeth loves.

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