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Updated: Jan 29

Hi Everyone! I hope you are doing well and enjoying the beautiful fall weather. It's so welcome after that brutal summer.

So, I have news for you!

I'm so happy to let you know that my first book is coming out soon. It's called The Solitary Sparrow and is the first book of a series titled The Margaret Chronicles. Those of you who have known me forever probably remember me scribbling, typing on the computer, or reading from my Work In Progress, while trying to make sense of a story set in the 14th century. I had a good grasp of the characters -- honestly, some characters got ahold of me and wouldn't let go. But I had trouble with the structure. Years ago, I started out in first person, then switched to third, added three more characters, and revised and revised.

Then I decided to really complicate things and pulled in a contemporary character, thus making the now bigger-than-ever book into a dual timeline. Some days I felt like I was kneading bread dough with an unwieldly magical loaf that kept getting bigger and bigger even though I was punching it down! (Think of Mickey Mouse trying to get rid of the broomsticks and water in Fantasia.)

Some days, it was like holding a slippery pig.

So, I killed the first 80 pages.

I thought those pages were crucial to the beginning of the book because they explained my main character Meg and described the village she lived in and the people around her. I thought those scenes would establish the world in which Meg lived. Quite a cast of characters were featured: her parents, the village bully, her brother and sister, and the old healer who takes her in and mentors her. Yep. Even though those pages were near and dear to my heart, I hit delete.

Crucially, I also killed the contemporary character and the dual timeline and returned to the 14th century.

But guess what!? It's a much better book! I realized that those early pages were crucial only to ME. Where was the action? Where was the agency? Why did Meg want to leave the village and study? How could she do this when she was illiterate? The answers were clear: I had to get to the gist of the story much earlier. And I had to answer the all-important "why?".

As to the contemporary character, she will make an appearance in the last book of the series, wrapping up all the breadcrumbs I've dropped along the way.

Sooooo, bye-bye 80 pages. Good-bye contemporary timeline and 40,000 words.



I saved those first 80 pages and I'm making them BONUS pages. I haven't quite figured out how to use them as a treat for readers, but maybe you guys have some suggestions? Should I send them to YOU as a thanks for standing by me all these years? Should I send them to NEW subscribers? Let me know what you think.

I've also got news coming about the narrator for the audio book. Her voice is absolutely perfect and I can't wait for you to hear her.

So, all the best to you. Try to stay away from hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes, and the latest variable of the Disease-Which-Shall-Not-Be-Named (but starts with a C). And when in doubt, grab a book.

P.S. I'll let you know when pre-orders will be available. Thank you!

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